Chocolate Diamond Campaign

A brochure, advert, business card and chocolate wrapper.
Ntinga Chocolate campaign sm

Diamonds and chocolate are two things most people really like, hence the theme.
The typography is classic and integrated in with imagery.
Using sympathetic colour to highlight the stones the silky, sumptuous background is contrasted
with the hard textured slate. The body copy dances around the products lightly.

Business card.
Ntinga Bus card v2 200515 art-1

Advert / Leaflet
Ntinga page ad Houlden Group v5 ARTWORK 120515

cover for webblogNtinga brochure v12 0206153Ntinga brochure v12 0206154Ntinga brochure v12 0206155Ntinga brochure v12 0206156Ntinga brochure v12 0206159Ntinga brochure v12 0206158  Ntinga brochure v12 0206157